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If you are tired of feeling stuck and need a breakthrough, If you are committed to change and ready to shift whatever is on the way to your success and freedom, If you are willing to take steps in the direction of your well-being and ready to take charge of your life, then Rtt is for you.

People with Epilepsy or any person diagnosed with a psychotic illness should not enter hypnosis. Likewise, never enter into a hypnosis or RTT session while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

One RTT session usually lasts from 90 to 120 min. In some instances, it may last a little shorter or longer. I recommend setting aside about 2.30 hours to make sure there is enough time if it is needed.

During the session, we will start by discussing the issue, determining the desired outcome, collecting important information that will help during the session, and, most importantly, helping design a personalized audio recording for you to listen to after the session. After the initial talk, I will put you in a relaxed state using a short visualization and relaxation technique. You will be fully aware and completely control your words and actions. That relaxed, focused state of mind will allow you to access memories, feelings, and beliefs you formed then, making it possible to look at them closely, understand them and reframe them. Very powerful and effective techniques will facilitate the releasing and healing process.

During regression, the therapist will guide you to access your early memories using hypnosis. We will access at least 3 scenes or memories from your past to review what happened and what conclusions you made from those events. It is a fascinating part of the RTT process, where many A-HA moments are experienced.

During the initial relaxation process and throughout the session, it will be suggested that you see, hear, and feel what is being described by the therapist or what is happening in the memory from the past. You do not need to see or hear anything. It will work, nevertheless. Some people are very visual and can visualize easily, which is wonderful, but not all of us are, and it is absolutely fine. You do not need that ability to have a phenomenal result. The only thing required is to feel your commitment to do this work.

You will not be asleep in hypnosis. Instead, you will be in a state where your body and mind are relaxed but highly focused. You will be in full control, focusing on the events from the past because you will be guided to do so. The session format is conversational, where you and I, as a therapist, will have a conversation about the events and your interpretation of them.

At times, people will remember something from the past that caused them a lot of emotional or physical pain. If that happens and you find yourself in a lot of distress, you will be guided to view that event or a scene from a distance, reviewing it other than reliving it. As a therapist, I will always be with you, reminding you that you are safe and the event is in the past. It is crucial for the healing to occur to be able to revisit and review those difficult events from the past because it greatly facilitates the healing process. You will never be left alone in the scenes and will never be left without resolution and relief.

After the session, you will receive your personalized audio recording, which you will be encouraged to listen to for at least 21 days. The transformation audio will have all the positive suggestions customized just for you, things you want to hear. The information for the audio is collected from the initial consultation, and it is very important to make it as detailed and powerful as possible. Listening to the audio recording with powerful words designed just for you is crucial for success as it rewires the brain and installs new positive habits and thoughts. The mind learns by repetition, and after about 21 days of listening, new connections are made that overwrite the old ones for lasting change.

RTT is designed to deliver powerful transformation in just 2-3 sessions, but your commitment is essential for success. Listening to the audio recording daily, being committed to change, and acting on the new beliefs are crucial for lasting change. We all vary in different ways. Some change is instant, and while this is what we all hope for, it is not always the case. Some change cumulatively over time. Listening to the recording daily, changing those old thinking patterns will inevitably bring change. Finally, some change retroactively, without putting much thought into it. When they realize that they are not the same person anymore, they have changed.

RTT may give you a powerful result with just one session, but in some cases, more sessions are needed for one issue. When the issue is complex, in the case of addiction or long-lasting weight problems, or PTSD, additional sessions will be very helpful. Usually, 2 to 3 sessions are sufficient to cause a significant change. If you would like to work on multiple issues or your particular challenge is complex (we will determine that during the discovery call), you might benefit from purchasing a 2 or 3-RTT sessions bundle.

The session will be held on the zoom platform unless agreed on to be held in person. Please, familiarize yourself with a zoom platform beforehand, download it on your computer and check the video and audio. Find a comfortable place where you can relax and be comfortable for the duration of the session. Check if your wifi is strong, notify your family members that you are not to be disturbed, make sure your pets are not going to interfere, have a light source ready in case it gets dark, a tissue box and some water ready just in case you need them. Make sure your computer is plugged in and connected to the power source. Put on some nice music and relax.

During the session, you will experience a release, release of old emotional patterns and beliefs. Your body and mind might need some time to integrate the experience, process the memories that came up, and finish letting go of old patterns that do not serve you. People might experience that release in different ways. Some people will have no symptoms and feel energized and uplifted. Some people will feel tired and emotional for a few days. Some people will have ups and downs of energy and emotions. Whatever you feel, know that it is the right response for you. Allow yourself time and space to process and heal, do not rush it. I will connect with you for a brief checkup a few days after the session. Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns that you might have. Start listening to your new recording immediately, as it helps set new beliefs in place. Listening to the audio recording for at least 21 days after the session is a prerequisite for success.

When you book an RTT session, you will receive the following:
- RTT session, during which we will look at the root of the issue and transform it from the inside out.
- Bespoke audio recording customized for your need received after the session for you to listen for at least 21 days.
- 3 short follow-up calls 15-20 min long over the phone or via zoom scheduled to be held within 21 days of the session.
- Email support

Before checking out how much RTT costs, I would encourage you to consider that RTT is very different from traditional therapy, which often takes months or even years to see results. RTT is designed to give permanent rapid results within a few sessions, replacing the need for continuous therapy, and many people experience dramatic empowering effects very quickly. I encourage you to look at the RTT as an investment in yourself and your well-being, an investment in long-wanted change.

RTT is a powerful tool to discover and uproot limiting beliefs, challenge them and reframe them. For many people, having an RTT session and listening to the transformation recording is enough to start living the life they want and take empowered actions toward what they desire. But for some of us, additional support might be very helpful and beneficial, having someone to support you on your healing journey, cheer you on, acknowledge your effort and accomplishments, validate your feelings and help you determine action steps towards what you want. During life coaching, we will look at patterns of behavior that do not serve you anymore and work on the behavioral level to design action steps that are unique for you and your path. Life coaching is phenomenally helpful for those who need that additional support and encouragement. Life coaching is not counseling or therapy, it is not designed to treat any mental condition, neither it gives you answers from the outside of you. Instead, it helps you tap into your resources and wisdom and find the answers within.

Yes. You will be sent some forms to sign and fill out before the session.

Unfortunately, I do not accept health insurance. Therefore, RTT therapy is not generally covered by insurance.

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